Install & Tweak Joomla Extensions On Template + Customizatio

We are looking for an EXPERT again an EXPERT, not kiddies and time wasters, in Joomla and also html and php possibly. We really just need a few extensions/addons installed. Actually previous developers have already installed and failed at completing the remainder of the tasks. The extensions/addons we have purchased for this site should be implemented into the site so that they work properly and look good with the template. After implementation the site should still have it's same look and feel. This is important so before bidding on this project take the time to visit the link below.

The project website is ProduceSuccess.Com.

(1) After you skip past the splash video page, you are taken to the Main Page. This page is blank, so we need to add the addon/extension Captify. View the demo below so you can see how it looks. We want this to appear on the homepage and we need it to be made somewhat transparent so it still has the same look and feel of the rest of the site. The idea here is that each picture will direct to a category or section of the site (i.e. Validation, Opportunity, Services, Success Stories, Self Development, etc). If you, the developer has another or better idea of something to put here that will yield the same results, please let us know, as we are open to other ideas.

Demo of Captify:

Note: The Captify extension is already installed, it just need to be properly implemented and tweaked. There may not be any standard position placement for this area in this template, so the programmer may need to create custom placement so this addon can be properly placed.

(2) We would like to have the MultTab addon/extension added and installed on the website so that it works perfectly and works on the article pages as they are shown currently. This has already been installed by a previous developer. He just did not finish tweaking it. So we actually need you to tweak it so that it has the transparency to it and blends well with the site. Also play around with the style of this addon and you will see some of the other styles have color on the tabs. The black does not, but if it does it is not visible. We need you to tweak the black style so that it also has some visible color on the tabs at the top. We think we will be using the black as it appears to look better with the site, unless you tweak it good enough to provide an alternative.

Demo of MultTabs:

Note: This extension is already installed and just needs to be tweaked to appeal better with the website.

(3) We would like for the LightBox addon/extension (ARI LightBox) to be added and installed on the website so that it works perfectly with pictures and videos. This extension has already been installed by a previous developer. We just need you to explain to us how to use it. You may also need to tweak it so that we can show a picture and have the picture trigger a video in the LightBox when clicked. Right now the video trigger in LightBox may be only working for some link. You can suggest another LightBox addon.

Demo of ARI LightBox:

Note: This extension is already installed on the site. We just need directions and it may need some minor tweak.

(4) See the Main Menu (drop down menu) module at the top. You should make about 4 more module placement just like this just to the right of the original. You can just duplicate the 1 that is there, but the main idea is the placement for these new modules should be just to the right of each other, so that it gives a top-tab look. These may not even be used now, we just want to have the ability to implement this when needed. We tried doing this ourselves, but we are not familiar with CSS to know how to properly place the newly added modules.

(5) Lower right : Donate, Email NewsLetter Signup, and Contacts. How/Where to edit this?

This should be completed in 1 - 2 days. $50 Budget.


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