GPS Tracking Web/Wap Based Platform
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Hi, am looking for a low cost, high quality GPS tracking platform developed for me in C#. I know you will need requirement specification but may I kindly request that you have a look at an existing platform and use it as a story board type of requirment specification for this task. The only additional feature I would require is the ability for my users to tracking multipal objects at street level continents apart.

This would be done by a user right clicking and in addition to the already existing items on the contect menu, the option to track that item in its own mini map windows that should also be able to display some of the important information about that particular object. An example of such information would be like, the speed, address, lat & long, the object ID, altitude, heading and one or all the information gathered from any number of sensors attached to the tracking device like temperature, fuel level etc.

The application should be compatible with most of the GPS tracking devices on the market and if possible, made easy to add new support for any GPS tracking device.

I will need the full documented source code.

Looking forward to your kind response.

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