Flash / AIR Based Digital Signage Solution Via PHP / MYSQL

Looking to create an updatable Digital Signage solution that reads values from a PHP / MYSQL website. Multiple accounts and devices per unit. I'm not looking for any design work done, just the DATA / Structure that I can't. Don't bid unless you realize what i'm trying to achieve. generic bids or comments will be ignored, I couldn't care about your previous projects, its ability to complete this is what i'm after.

The final flash file will be delivered via Adobe Flash / AIR for Android based hardware.

This partnership will be an ongoing relationship of work if goes well.

Mockup of CMS system attached.

PHP / MYSQL login website - PART 1
Structure of CMS System:

* Each user will have a USERNAME / PASSWORD (Username is email address)
* Each user will belong to an ACCOUNT
* An ACCOUNT can have multiple users, USERS can have access to multiple ACCOUNTS (As assigned by Admin)
* Each ACCOUNT will have fields for the following

* Account Details:
* Venue
* Address
* Venue Email
* Telephone
* Billing Details
* Name
* Address
* Email
* Phone
* Each ACCOUNT will have access to one or more DISPLAY UNITs
* Each DISPLAY UNIT has access to an array of pre made flash templates with text field variables ( SLIDES )
* A new SLIDE can be made from a selected template and text fields can be filled in.
* SLIDES can be shared between multiple DISPLAY UNITs that are in that ACCOUNT
* SLIDES can be turned set ACTIVE or INACTIVE by the USER
* SLIDES can have ACTIVE TIMES and TIME / DATE to stop showing
* All SLIDES are looped as long as active
* MASTER SLIDES can be added by the ADMIN and are applicable to all ACCOUNTS

Flash / AIR / Android App - PART 2

* App to be android / flash based, launch full screen when launched,
* 1st launch asks for username / password, then show list of available DISPLAY UNITS as per ACCOUNT
* Master Flash File - 1920px X 1080px size ( this files loads all the slide.swf files as per DISPLAY UNIT )

* Template Files with Text Field Variables mappable to PHP Database

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