Fixing Voting Problems In WP Website

I had Photography Website where user will upload their photo into our website to get rate from other users. For all photo which are uploaded into our website will need to pass Curators team to decide either the photo is publish or rejected. But if the curators are unsure about the photo and need extra opinion, curators can send the photo to public for Voting. Now I just try to place several photo on Vote but the voting page is not showing any photo. My website is similiar as 1x(dot)com. So you may check their voting page for idea.

I need someone to fix it now. And to advice me how can this problem occurs. I will pay $20 for this small job. I do understand that you can only bid for $30, so leave me PM if you accept $20 for this job and how many hours you can complete this project.

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  • 02/24/2012 09:40:19 AM
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