Fix Some Issues On Site


I have a classified website where I am posting ads for textbooks. This site is based on the template: (multicity version). I have the following list of issues to fix on my site

1) I need some one to fix the search engine on the site. I could point you to the exact sql query line on the code and I need someone with good knowledge of mysql/php to fix this query. The sql needs to be formatted properly to work with ands and ors but i have problem formatting is properly. I shall explain to you the details once you apply.

2) There are list of adds for for one city which I want copied to other cities. I need someone with knowledge of mysql scripting to copy these ads to other cities.

3) My site has been recently experiencing issues spamming to the ads. I also have mobile apps which communicates to this server. Its possible that spammers are able to use the webservice calls to send the spam message. I need someone to close these security holes as soon as possible.

Requirement for the team that takes this job would be:

1) I am looking for a long term business partner to help me support my website as well as my mobile apps(Android, blackberry, and iphone platforms). The team that takes this job should be able to support all of the above.

2) I need the above 3 issues fixed by end of next week.


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