Fasttype Medical Dictation Service

I would like to have a website for a medical typing service.

The website ideally would be a joomla 1.7 template including all the extensions required for it to operate. A joomla setup would allow me to manage the content on the website with little to no knowledge of web development.

The website is to deliver a medical typing service to doctors and other health care professionals whereby they submit medical dictations either digitally via the website (uploading audio files) or putting in requests to have audio tapes delivered to our address, transcribed and the resultant medical document available for download via their user area.

The customers should be able to track each request they have submitted at various stages of the process, from submission, receipt, in progress (transcribing), completed and accepted (by the client). I would also like a history for the client available and a billing page, preferably linked to paypal or similar.

The site should include:

Public Area:
-> A landing page which includes: Navigation, general information about the service, login, sign up, latest news (articles)
-> Service and price page
-> About us page
-> joining area (signup page)

User specific pages:
-> Landing page to be recent or outstanding requests and status, they should be able to directly download and view the returned documents from this page.
-> History and billing page whereby they can be invoiced which is also emailed to them
-> New request page where they can submit a request to have an audio file or tape (digital files will be submitted via the website and analogue files will have to be posted so some sort of unique identification needs to be assigned to each request).
-> The customer should have the opportunity to accept or reject the dictation, if rejected the reasons for the rejection should be captured.
-> when submitting requests different services will be offered to return it, from 24 hours, 3 days, 1 week and 2 weeks, each would cost a different amount.
-> if customer uses a specific template (or example) then there should be a place where they can upload, and then on each request have the option of picking which template should be used when transcribing.
-> message section whereby they can send messages to the admin

Admin pages:
-> show what needs transcribing first, ability to download audio files or check in analogue files received in the post.
-> ability to message users and respond to messages (each user message should prompt an email alert to the admin address)
-> ability to submit completed documents so they are linked with the file submitted and its status updated
-> ability to apply charges to the customers account.
-> ability to see pending client applications from the joining area and accept or reject them.
-> email triggers should be enabled so when documents are returned the client is emailed alerting them to the fact they can log in and review the document.
-> Once a document is complete option to close the "ticket" and charge, or not charge the client.

These are the main features and requirements of the site, there maybe small alterations that need to be added or removed but these will be clearly defined and agreed upon before work commences.

I already own the domain which is to be used ( and unlimited Web hosting as a host which provides a joomla 1.7 base as well as unlimited data bases etc. (Please not there is no contact information on the website).

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