Existing Django Website Add Resume Creation Form

I have an existing project in Django that needs a working dynamic form for creating and updating resume data. I currently am able to render a dynamic form/formset using django-dynamic-formset. This form (see attachment resume_form_inline) is however not creating or updating data, just reading it form the database and displaying it. It also is not visually appealing.

The requirements are to get the dynamic form/formset creating, updating, and displaying properly (w/reordering) in a visually appealing layout (see attached wireframe resume_form_frame). The design is for a one-to-many relationship between the resume and its detail.

I work very hard to make my code clean and easy to follow and have tried to follow Django best practices and expect the same from a provider. If everything goes as it should this should lead to more business.

My django project is stored in a git repository that I will make available to the provider along with some sample data that should make the development effort easier. I think this project should be relatively simple for experienced django developer with form layout skills.

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