Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems Development

- Three Contractors for long term secured full time positions.

The job is to create a customised ERP system for my Company.

The first phase is to setup LAMP - Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP - create a custom installer for a computer.

Second phase is to focus on Retail Shopping with general aspects involving programming API in product details, pricing, data storage, stock control and security.
• The more automation the better.
• Everything will be in API and fully documented.

• First two weeks is on training (80 hours) - this will be paid $2/hour,
• After that is $4/hour,
• Amount of hours is up to you - the more the better (this job MUST have priority when required),
• You will be on job probation for the first 3 months.

You must have the following minimum requirements:
• Strong English - speaking, typing, and understanding,
• Ability to have Video chat (fast internet is required),
• Have an interest and know how to create API (in PHP),
• Ability to find answers fast when you are stuck in programming,
• Full time (casual/part time/flexi hours is available but this job MUST have first priority over all other work),
• Ability to document your programming.

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