Earn Residual Income As A Partner In Our Adult Blogs

Partnership Opportunity with Adult Blogs

HEA is currently taking positions for people looking to simply post adult pictures, create a brief description of the post then simply do a few on page seo techniques. (we'll teach you)

You'll be paid half of our plugrush advertising for the first year (paid every week - you'll have access to see how much is made directly in the blog dashboard) then after the first year you'll become a "full" partner and you'll receive 1/4 of all other advertising revenue from the blog that you'll control.

You must maintain the blog to stay as a partner, we reserve the rights to remove you as a partner. Keep this in mind, if you fail to keep up with the requirements we'll state to you later.

This is an opportunity to actually OWN part of a business and actually have the ability to earn more money every single day by working on your business. The blog that is setup is already monetized to receive maximum advertising revenue and it's already setup with plugins to optimize even further your traffic reach.

We sell these blogs and the system to others for a small fortune, and they keep coming back for new system setups! This is not a get rich quick, it's not an MLM program, we're not here to push any sort of thing. The way it's looked at on Odesk is that you're still a contractor for us, we still "hire" you.

The difference is, we pay you half of what our plugrush account is creating for that specific website you're working on! So to give you an example, our first contractor/partner, spent the last several months working the system and moved the blog upward to around $19 a day, so in essence he was making around $10 a day. (in otherwords you dictate how much you want to earn per day)

To some that may be a very low amount and not worth it! But take into mind, he never has to pay for hosting, bandwidth, affiliate fees, adult picture fees, blog setup, domain fees, monetization fees, seo fees etc. He was literally given a fertile blog to work on. But if that's not enough, listen to this...

He doesn't work on the site but 1 or 2 times a week for under an hour (at first it will be a lot more then this) ... our training shows you how to work for a day or two and have it spread out for over a month or more. Of course we require a certain amount of posting!

This is something we're proud to say can and will be some peoples bread and butter for the rest of their lives and once they become full "partners" another 1/4 of the advertising revenue can increase a persons daily income level to small fortune! Since we operate through a board of members, they are taking a risk to do this, thusly this is how this will go until a full year has elapsed!


Go ahead and tell us why we should choose you, and any tools you can bring to the table. You'll be required to name upwards to 500 porn pictures + descriptions before you'll be able to be chosen for this partnership, this is done because this is what you'll be doing for yourselves, we of course pay you for this even if your not chosen!


Head of HEA Partnership Program
NJS - Nathan

*We do not take responsibility for google algro changes that may effect income in the future. There is no way to promise or guarantee any income (although there's not been one person that's done what we're doing and has not at least made some kind of income a day) - of course we'd simply just fire you from your position, because this would mean you're not doing what you're suppose to be doing!

We are very patient and ready to help, we just don't have patience for people who demand more when we're given half of our business to them, this is so you can finally work for someone that will give you an opportunity to make residual income from very little work later in our partnership. Very much worth it, but not for people who don't want to work for it.


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  • Job Type
  • Fixed Price Job
  • Budget
  • Max $5
  • Start Date
  • 07/04/2013 09:47:24 AM
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  • 07/04/2023