Dynamic Table Creation Phase2

Phase2 will be creating several additional similar tables. Plus writing some table contents to some xml files according to certain format.

Dynamic table creation

Using mySQL, PHP, html, javascript, ajax, css to create multiple dynamic tables for collecting data, saved to mySQL tables, and retrieving and displaying data from mySQL database based on user's input. Must have demonstrated experience and capability to do this work. Must be able to provide a logic clear/clean architecture for the design.

For collecting data input by user, operations on the table will be adding rows or/and columns, depending on user's action on the web. The value of each cell may be direct input, selecting from dropdown list saved in another mySQL table column, selecting from a calendar table, auto-generated text based on values in other cells, or auto-computed values using values in other values, etc.

For retrieving and displaying data using table based on the user's input, some value will be directly from the mySQL table. Some value are to be retrieved from another mySQL table using the filters defined in the current mySQL table. Some cell value may be selecting from dropdown list of column or row values in certain range in a mySQL table, selecting from a calendar table, auto-generated text and/or auto-computed values using values in other cells or those within certain range of one or multiple column/row in a mySQL table

Formatting the table based on the table areas, like border thickness, background colors, text font type, colors, etc. Delete/Edit button for row/columns. Open/Collapsible display of table area. Use multiple tabs to organize a long table. Use slider to restrict the table area.

Generating XML files based on user's definition using the data in the table/mySQL database. Incomplete final deliverables include ALL source codes and flowchart(s) showing the process of calling functions/subroutines, etc.

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