Custom Bespoke Wordpress Theme Required

I am looking for someone to create a custom / bespoke Wordpress theme based around vehicle leasing. I have had a plugin created already which you can view by clicking the link, below:

I would like to have this plugin changed in to a theme but with more functionality. The plugin works well but I know it can be better.

I would like the theme to have the same functionality as the weaver 2010 theme where everything is customisable but would like the back end to look professional and very similar to the control panels on premium Wordpress themes such as premium press directory and others alike.

The theme should allow the display of vehicle offers by make, body type and price. Each offer should have its own contact form and the ability to add images.

I would like the control panel to be very user friendly and easy for people to use. Adding vehicle offers should be a very easy process. At present I am able to decide what vehicles are visible on the home page, there is an option to show certain offers on the home page in either single column or in a grid with options from 2 to 5 vehicles across. I would want this same functionality to be available in the theme but with the ability for the theme to auto resize the images depending on the chosen grid amount.

A built in slider is necessary and the ability to add text over the top and also allowing each image to have options for where and how text should be displayed and the ability to link each image to a page.

This theme would need complete control on how the home page looks with several page templates optios to choose from and 4 different page templates for displaying the vehicle offers. The theme must have the option to be branded for each installation and the control panel must be branded with my logo and not be editable unless I choose to allow it. 

Not all Wordpress facilities are necessary and may be deactivated or maybe hidden from the control panel but I would like this theme to control all aspects of the site including posts, offers and pages if possible.

User comments are not necessary on the site but the option to post the viewed offer to social media applications such as Facebook and twitter and the ability to "send to a friend" from are a must.

I would also like to look at the possibility of uploading vehicle offers from an excel spreadsheet or CSV with the ability of pulling images from a media library to fit with each vehicle offer.

There is also a random offers plugin which has also been created which shows random offers in the site bars, this is currently a widget and can be used or not used depending on the page.

The plugin at present allows me to set an expiry date and the vehicle should disappear from view but I am not sure if this is working correctly but this would need to be included.

I have purchased a car sales theme which works well but is geared towards car sales and not leasing.

This can be seen at:

This also has the ability to upload offers from a spreadsheet but I have not tried it yet.

I would ideally like someone who understands the requirements above, is very creative and would be around in the future to help develop the theme but also input their own ideas to make it better.

Any questions welcome.....

Please don't bid unless you have positive feedback from previous clients.

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