Create A Website Using The Weebly Designer Platform

Using Weebly's Designer platform (the Designer Platform is a white label solution for designers to easily build websites for clients using Weebly's CMS). No design is required...just need someone to build the site. All relevant files will be provided along with detailed instructions regarding the navigation of the site. The site will have a brief flash intro and all other pages are static. Including homepage it is a total of 12 static pages. Most of the pages will require the text to have a scroll. Deadline is January 31st 2012. Payment will be made upon completion. Progress reviews will be made and agreed upon once hired(max 2). A progress review must be available before January 18th 2012. Attached files are sufficient to get the entire site built. The text that goes into the site is still being reviewed and will be submitted at a later time. The domain name of the site will also be provided once the project is awarded.

Special Instructions regarding attachments:
1. A template for the intro page sequence, 01leonie stekelenburg_intropage01_template_02, is provided along with all graphic elements.
The files, 01leonie-stekelenburg_intropage01, 01leonie-stekelenburg_intropage02, 01leonie-stekelenburg_intropage03, 01leonie-stekelenburg_intropage04, 01leonie-stekelenburg_intropage05 are provided to illustrate the flash sequence.
2. This file, 02leonie-stekelenburg_homepage_with-menu, shows what the homepage should look like. It also illustrates where the menu goes and also the pull-down menus in two of the categories (coaching & method). The template for this page is titled, 01leonie stekelenburg_intropage01_template.
3. The page for COACHING can be clicked on to access a mainpage, as well as having a pull-down menu to subpages. This file, 04leonie-stekelenburg_coaching_mainpage_with-menu, illustrates the placement of links to these other subpages so you can navigate to them without using the main menu on the left hand side.
4.The page for METHOD will not have a mainpage, only a pull-down menu for its subpages. These subpages will have links to each other. The files, 10leonie-stekelenburg_method_about-integral-psychology_with-menu and 11leonie-stekelenburg_method_what-to-expect_with-menu, illustrate the placement of these links.
5. The overall look of the site is the templates provided on a white background and should appear centered when the site is opened.

Thank you and looking forward to your proposals.

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