Create A Social Media Aggregator .net User Control

The purpose of this project is to create social media aggregation functionality that combines and displays select social media streams from multiple departments. The functionality should roughly mimic that provided by this software I encourage you to watch the videos.
POSTING- It should allow one to login via Facebook or twitter to be able to post to the stream. There should be a Dropbox or UI tagging mechanism that shows approved Samford tags, allows the visitor to click on the tags and add it to the post box.
FILTERS - there should be a set of filters which defines which streams are being aggregated and shown. For example, a career development filter would only show posts from the social media sources that we have related to the career development category. We would need some mechanism to manage the social source and category relationships (even if just a txt or csv). Filters will also refresh the flickr feed with the results of a tag search.
SOURCES- Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Twitter. We should be able to manage specific page or stream sources via the mechanism mentioned in the filters section.
REUSABILITY - the functionality should be able to be embedded on multiple aspx pages. Each page should have its own set of streams and filter categories. For instance, the main University page could have a master social portal while the nursing site could have its own mini portal. The CSS should be well documented so sections could be styled differently on different sites. Would prefer a web user control where the control properties help define the sources and filters.

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