Create Php Mysql Ajax Registration App With Payment Gateway

We currently have this registration system.

It uses php, mysql and ajax/java

The system currently works but we want to add some more functionality. I think it may be easier to make a completely new one but if we can edit our current one then thats fine.

We are looking to make the registration into a step by step process for better member experience.

we also want to include more tools for the admin to manage the registrations.

Here are the changes we want to make to it. Review the current registration site and fields if you not sure of the fields im explaining on the changes listed below

Payment gateway. We are using to actually process the payment.

Please note. Full admin access to web site and payment gateway will be provided.

There are two parts to the application.
One part (A) is the public registration form members use to register.

Part (B) admin area is what the admins of the web site will have access to. User and password managed.

Public registration changes Part (A)

1. Change flow of registration. Actually have steps to register. Allow for the user to go back and edit information.

Step 1

- booker

- Email address: *

- Credit Union: *

- Position:

- Years of service:

- Check if this is your first CUMA conference:

- Telephone:

- Fax:

- Street:

- 2nd Line (Suite/PO Box, etc):

- City:

- Province:

- Country:

- Postal code:

Step 2


- If you are the first attendee from your credit union to sign up please select here: ($995)

- If someone has already signed up from your credit union and you are an additional attendee please select here: ($550)

- Register for golf?: ($130)

- Check if you would like to donate a prize:

- Register companion?: ( show companion information Including golf signup )

Step 3

Additional Attendees:

- Register how many other attendees?: (enter a number then press the TAB key) ($550 each)

Then show attendee information

- First Name: Last Name:

- Email:

- Attendee Golf?: ($130)

- Register companion?: ($350)

- Companion name:

- Companion golf?: ($130)

Step 4 Final screen showing all information separated with final total of all costs

2. Include print button on all every screen so people can print at anytime

3. When registering system checks to see if email address has been used and if so alerts the registrant. Asks to display current registration information to edit. If no, the user can create a new registration.

Admin area changes Part (B)

1. Allow full edit of registration and update the total cost

2. All information separated into different cells in the excel export file

3. Only 2 reports. Remove all other reports except registration and golf

4. Price update. Be able to change all prices in the public reg form from within the admin area

5. Be sure full date of registration is including on all reports

6. Include payment has been processed in report. Verified from request command back from payment gateway after payment complete.

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