Concrete Staircase Design And Calculations

Hello from Hunny.

Our team of builders are building a staircase of concrete. We have made a sketch how we want it (attached is an isometric drawing). It contains the main dimensions of the shaft in which the staircase will be built. We know the size of both the steps and rises.

However, making a 180 deg. staircase in concrete provides some serious issues in terms of strength, support/anchoring as well as acoustic problems.

We need some instructions so we can build the staircase so it wont fall down - and prove it on paper (engineering/calculations).:

* Type of ready mix concrete (strength and size of stones)
* How/where to make the steel reinforcements and the dimensions of them
* Where to put steel anchors into the walls and size of those anchors
* How to eliminate acoustic transmission from steps to the sorrounding house

Each platform of the staircase is made of IPE160 steel beams with a concrete slab in between. We can build steel reinforcement into those connection them to the staircase.

(dont know if IPE160 is a standard term - or I can provide specifications of the steel)

Anyway - it is out first time to post this type of hireing, so we are exited to see the level of skills we can find here on odesk.

* Important: You need to provide sketches/drawings for the builders to understand

Bid reasonable, don't look at amount i mention.

Thank you

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