Combination Video Editor

I need an experienced video editor who can produce combination style videos for produced audio files and supplied scripts. Combination videos are those that incorporate a mix of images, illustrations, typography or graphics and animations. Please have a look at this example to see what I mean -

The audios are already produced with the music bed and are approximately 30-40 seconds in length. You will also be provided with scripts should you need them for any typography you include in the videos.

You will also be provided with Openers and Closers and a selection of images and video illustrations to use to create each video - See examples here -

If you are the successful applicant, you will be given access to all our editing resources.

There are quite a number of videos to produce for more than one client, so you must be experienced enough to create each video in a fairly short time frame. It may take you a short while to get into the rhythm but once you're into the groove I would expect you to be doing each video in about 2 - 3 hours.

The budget per video is $15 maximum, paid at an hourly rate of $5. Although the fee for this job is hourly, you will need to be able to edit each video within 3 hours in order to meet our budget.

This is a full time position. You will need to be able to produce at least 3 videos a day, 5 days a week. If you can do more, that will be even better. I am looking to hire someone on an ongoing basis and to build a relationship with you. The company I have started is growing rapidly and there is much work coming in the door.

If you are the successful applicant you will be given access to our master dropbox where you will find all the files you require to edit the videos, and folders where you will upload your produced edits. You will also be given full instruction via tutorial videos for the tasks required by you.

In order to be the successful applicant for this job, you must also be able to guarantee the following...
• You can produce at least 3 videos a day (Monday to Friday). If you cannot meet the 3 videos a day quota, you will not be able to meet the demand required.
• You accept the budget of $15 per video logged as 3 hours on oDesk (it will be set as $5 an hour rate)
• You will be able to keep in daily contact with me using Skype so I can remain updated on your progress.
You will be able to answer any emails or Skype messages I send within 24 hours.
• If for any reason you cannot work on any given day, you will notify me as quickly as possible as your inability to meet the demand may jeopardise other contractors doing their job with the work you produce, or delay the client delivery.

As part of the interview process, you will be given a produced audio file and a script, some images and illustrations and an opener and closer and be required to do a sample video. Please produce all videos in 640px x 360px and .flv format.
You will also need the following...
• Reasonable sized hard drive storage for the files you will be producing for me as you'll need to keep Session files until each project is complete.
• Paid Dropbox account with at least 50MG storage
• Skype
• FTP Software
• Fast internet connection

When you apply for this position please quote CVE2012 in your cover letter and please provide links to recent work. If you are shortlisted I will send you the files you'll need to create your sample video, via YouSendIt.

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Job Details

  • Job Type
  • Hourly Project
  • Budget
  • $5-$5
  • Est Time
  • Ongoing / More than 6 months. Full-time - 30+ hrs/week
  • Start Date
  • 03/09/2012 11:32:53 AM
  • Job Status
  • Job Expired