Bandwidth App Framework

This is a VERY simple app I have designed in concept and actually have designed about 80% of it. The issue is that I am not good in the native coding languages use and am still learning Javascript but I am fluent in HTML and CSS. My issue is I do not know how to set up APIs and feeds properly. I can make this app and having NEVER made an app in my life have a working version of this in 3hrs. The banner was there, all the icons worked, but they all launched the links externally. The reason I am setting the budget so low is that this should be MAYBE an afternoon for a skilled programmer....I am guessing 2 - 3 hrs at most. I need you be be familiar with the latest Android SDKs and iOS 5 standards.

FINALLY! I want to make it clear that this is the frame work for an app that I am planning on using and reselling. You need to know and be aware that I will need the source code and will use them over and over again.

Some things I would like but do not need.....

* RSS whenever possible, especially for Facebook and Twitter. This is a QUICK and simple collection of data. If the user wants to see more that is what the buttons are for.

* I am VERY interested in talking over Skype and problem solving/answering any questions.

* I will probably need your help with incremental updates and I have about 20 different, more complex features I want to eventually implement. Treat me well, help me get this off the ground, and I will stick around and pay you properly.

* PLEASE make the code as simple as possible and consolidated. I would like to literally go in with hexadec changes for color and copy and paste links. I am not sure if on my Facebook and Twitter APIs I will have a new key for every app. If we can use RSS, we can avoid this altogether.

* I need them to be made and designed in a free software environment like Eclipse. I also own dreamweaver. (Point : Please don't use a $2000 program to code I have to have in order to make new versions)

* Branding is NOT OK. I do not want generic, web template widgets that say "Powered by". I am capable of that. THIS is why I need professionals.

* I will ask for an expect some very basic technical support at first. The first 4 apps I am making are for companies I own so I have no rush or deadline. I have NO PLANS of expecting you to be there 24/7 to hold my hand. If you WILL make yourself available for support on a regular basis (Just in case) I would be happy to come up with reasonable "Tech support" fees.

* Be kind. I have seen alternate mock ups, layouts, etc.... I am very proud of mine and pretty committed to it as I believe it will work best cross platform. It has that big "iOS button" thing going on at the top that makes it easy to use and obvious.

* The settings menu for now needs to have a setting to turn the splash screen start sound on and off, a link to my website where users can go to "Make your own" app, and last but not least an "about" and "legal" section.

Please use a few permissions as possible, be ethical and responsible with my design and idea, and once we have made agreements and have a solid working relationship I will be happy to divulge more information. for now, here are some very, very ugly mock ups. ENJOY!

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  • Fixed Price Job
  • Budget
  • $250-$750
  • Start Date
  • 02/24/2012 03:28:00 AM
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