Assistance With My Joomla-based Site

My company already has a website based on a Joomla template. Over the next month, I want to split my company into two distinct business units, which will entail splitting the website into three websites: a landing page that will give people the option to enter either of the two business units, and then a site for each business unit.

While I know how to do most of the webpage modification (within the Joomla backend), I need your help to get me started -- that is, I need you to create two copies of my current website and put them online (but on a development site that can't be found publicly) so that I can start modifying them to be the two new sites. Once those are ready, I'll need your assistance linking the new sites to their URLs (which I already own). The URL that the old site is at will become a landing page that will direct people to enter the site for one business unit or the other.

BTW, if you have a suggestion for how I could do this split even easier, please tell me (I'm not a web professional so there could be a better way). E.g., if there's a way for me to create the new sites locally on my own machine, and that would be a better way to go, I'll do that (but again, I'll need your guidance to get started).

I will likely need your assistance with certain things along the way, such as some of the Joomla plugins, the creation of the landing page, etc. I'll get a better feel for that as I proceed. We can work out an hourly rate or a sub-project rate for those things as they come up.

If we establish a good working relationship, there are some other projects I'll want your help with eventually (related to my website).

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