Anti - Framebraker/-Framekiller (Quick Project)

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I need a working Framebraker script without the alert window (asking if you want to stay or leave this page).

The Anti - Framebraker Script example (that can be used):

var prevent_bust = 0;

// Event handler to catch execution of the busting script.
window.onbeforeunload = function() { prevent_bust++ };

// Continuously monitor whether busting script has fired.
setInterval(function() {
if (prevent_bust > 0) { // Yes: it has fired.
prevent_bust -= 2; // Avoid further action.
// Get a 'No Content' status which keeps us on the same page. = '';
}, 1);

My problem is the to get the 204 error respond or
Im not sure if this script works in current browsers like firefox 9 or i made a mistake. Because primery its important to get it to work in firefox .

Ive tried to get the 204 error with this code:

The error of my solution with firefox 9 is that the browsers stops ALL . no iframe is loading and no clicks can be made even pagereload not work.

IF you test your solutions for this script and its not working then i need a other working one.

Usefull links:
What is Framekiller and what is Anti Framekiller
another usefull link:

ps. Its not for cheating its a securirty prevention if costumer use a framebreaker in our layer/iframe script.

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