Android Application - Multiple Choice Test (Yes/No)

McMer is looking at creating an application which is a multiple choice test with the answers yes and no.

Once the use has completed the test, depending on how many yes/no answers that they give it will give with a score and "Title". Although these will not be the score sets used please see example below. Score categories will be provided once I have employed someone as this is a minor part of the appiciation.

Scores between -
1-10 = poor
11-20 = below average
21-30 = average
31-40 = above average
41-50 = good
51-60 = excellent

Other Information:
- There will be 100 questions in total for this test
- 'Yes' and 'No' must be buttons instead of the little check box thing
- Would like this app to be simple yet aesthetically pleasing
- May add a sound track (background music later on)
- Each question will have it's own page
- There will be no previous question button
- All questions must be answered

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