3D Java Project $3000-4000

Puzzle game for web side and front web page and App for Android, iphone, ipad

Goal and objectives of the app:

27 little cubes, each are slotted on their 5 faces in a special way and each cube attached to each other in a sequence to make a “snake”.
Cube # 1 connected to cube # 2 and cube # 2 connected to cube # 3 etc…

There are many ways to slots the little cube and many ways to connect them.
One of the ways to connect each little cube to each other, is by using a string that start at cube number 1 (ties in its center) and continue to go through a hole in the “top” face of cube # 2 and than go though one of his slotted faces (4 side faces and one bottom face) and than continue on through a hole in the “top” face of cube # 3 etc..

The slotted cubes with attaching string to each other create a restriction on the moves of each little cube and the assembly of a shape with it is limited.

Each cube can move and rest to 5 faces of the previous cube that attached to him, as long as the space that he is going to occupied is not taken by another cube from previous moves.

Step one in the goal of the game is:
Create from those 27 little cubes a one large cube 3x3x3

Step 2: coloring challenge
Each little cube has 6 faces. Beside cube # 1, the “top” face (#5) is always hidden from the eyes of the player by the other little cubes and does not need to have color.
We can paint each of the 5 faces of the little cube with 5 colors out of 6 possible colors.
(6 colors are the colors of the faces of the final large cube assembled solution).
Some painted faces are crucial for the “solution” or as we call it “success”, and some are just random colors to fill the void.

The player goal:
Take a colored 27 cube snake that attached together, move and place each little cube relative to each other, rotate to choose the desired color that will show on the faces of the large cube.
Applet should be vey similar to this game, but there are many differences


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Job Details

  • Job Type
  • Fixed Price Job
  • Budget
  • $3000-$5000
  • Start Date
  • 01/13/2012 12:03:16 PM
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