3 Logo Concepts, 1 Final Result


We need one or more designers who can design professional logo's in .ill .eps for our customers. We have some jobs right now and I would like to know what it would cost to design 3 concepts and afterwards finishing (perfecting one of these three).

We will show our customer 3 designs, he will pick the one he likes most and maybe he requests 1 or more small changes on that logo.

We provide each job with a questionaire. Please see this example. What would it cost?


Answers from our customer

Company name: www.werkschoenentekoop.nl
Business: working shoes shop (construction)
Target audience: Everybody who need working shoes
What kind of logo: tight, modern, less is more, webshop-like
What existing logo do you like: no answer from customer
How many colors max: 2
What colors would you like: Orange and black
No colors: All! Only orange and black
Only words or Icon and words?: Both word and icon logo


What would it cost, how long will it take and how do you work?

Thank you for applying on this job.

Joost Klein

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