Frequently Asked Questions

If you are looking for any kind of help then look through the list of these Frequently Asked Questions. If you don't find your question in the list then feel free to contact us.

What is Geek Freelancers?

Geek Freelancers is a platform that provides an opportunity to thousands of freelancers from around the world. It offers a great opportunity to both employers and contractors who can post a job and get freelancers from all around the globe to bid on it. We gather thousands of jobs from the internet and combine them at one place so that one can choose a job according to one's interest and aptitude.

How is an online project different from a regular job?

The basic difference between both is that the online project does not require one's presence in the same geographic location as a regular job. The online projects include designing, coding, writing or other jobs of same nature; everything from assigning the project to submission and payment is done online. This makes online jobs an ideal opportunity for anyone to earn from any part of the world.

Who can use Geek Freelancers?

For all those who want to have a go on an online project or want to earn money while sitting at home. We provide a job database that brings in thousands of job from worldwide making it an easy task for everyone to find a job that lights up a bulb in one's head.

Why use Geek Freelancers?

Not only because we have thousands of jobs in stack but because we narrow down a whole list of jobs according to your skills and interests. This makes it less time consuming and increases one's chances to get a job according to one's choice.

Where do all these projects on Geek Freelancers come from?

Think of Geek Freelancers as a library or a database that keeps updating its stock with the passage of time. We gather these projects from around the internet, making sure that the sources are reliable.

In case of any problems or questions regarding the project, who should I contact?

One might sometimes have a question or problem regarding the project one has or will choose to work on; in that case we suggest you contact the site that primarily posted the job. We are acting as a liaison or a bridge between the two of you, so only they can answer you according to your question.

Is Geek Freelancers going to make any kind of payment to me regarding the projects done?

Geek Freelancers is only providing you with the projects and holds a project in its database until its time expires. We only make sure that you find the most suitable project, everything after that including the payment is done by the site that originally posted the project.

Is there a blog at GeekFreelancers?

Of course, keeps updating about latest projects and motivates the freelancers about how to earn money.

What is the method of finding jobs on Geek Freelancers?

There is a Search box that is present at the top of every page on the website. One can simply type in the project keyword that is project title, skills etc in that, one can also choose the category from the drop down menu below and click on Search button. For example, if you are looking for a Writing project, then type Writing and choose "Article Writing and Translation", it will search all the related projects and display them for you. You can simply click on the project that you are interested in, this will lead you to the project page.

What is meant by bidding?

In freelance jobs/ online projects one has to bid on a project in order to give the contractors information about certain things. In professional bidding, one gives an insight into the services one can offer along with a profile or samples of previous work and the budget required. The contractor then selects the bidder who best meets the criteria set by him/ her. It is not necessary that the chosen bidder be the one who has offered the least expensive services. After taking this decision, the contractor will award the chosen bidder with the project. While applying for the project or placing a bid, one has to create an account and profile on the website that is offering your desired project.