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Mathematics is the study of arithmetic, algebra, geometry, computational analysis, calculus, sets, and many more elements. It’s a field that find applications in an unprecedented number of areas including physics, engineering disciplines, quantity surveying, accounting, etc. Freelancers might be required to devise new formulae or use their mathematical skills to find a solution for many of the problems.
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Operations Management

I need this immediately ... otherwise FUTILE :)) stay within budget please or do NOT bid here. Location Decisions A manufacturer of oak barrels has factories in an area at the location coordinates provided in the following table. Each coordinate unit represents approximately 10 miles...

Skills Required: Excel , Mathematics , Matlab & Mathematica
  • Fixed Price Project
  • $12-$13
  • 6 days, 16 hours left

Graph Theory, Planar Embedding -- 2

Need java applet where user can draw graph (vertices and edges) using mouse. There should be an option available to check whether the graph is planar or not and if it is, construct planar embedding. PM me and I'll send you pdf file with more instructions...

Skills Required: Algorithm , Java , Mathematics
  • Fixed Price Project
  • $30-$250
  • 6 days, 5 hours left

GEOMETRY Solutions( Check Properly)

Please read the attached file properly. Its a hourly project so that the project fees are less. In your bid, mention two things- your total price & time of completion.Need to complete this project ASAP and low bids please. New freelancers are welcome. Thanks

  • Fixed Price Project
  • $3-$10
  • 5 days, 23 hours left

Beam Analyses Using Finite Element Method Theory

looking for engineer with solid understanding of finite element method to solve some simple beam analysis questions (element topology table, stiffness matrix etc). i will pm the file. requires using excel or matlab/fortan, whichever you prefer. if unsure, please ask for more info

  • Fixed Price Project
  • $10-$70
  • 5 days, 20 hours left

Write A Mathematical Model Of An Algorithm

We have an algorithm description in text, and want someone to write it in pseudo-code format and mathematical proof. It is extremely short.

  • Fixed Price Project
  • $10-$50
  • 5 days, 14 hours left

Mathematical Problems

You are required to answers 3 problems using the guide, algortithms and more. You should be familier with different sorts of strategy's and algorithms and should be able to do them within a short period of time. Looking forward to work with you!

Skills Required: Algorithm , Mathematics , Statistics , Word
  • Fixed Price Project
  • €8-€30
  • 5 days, 11 hours left

Mathematician Needed -- 2

I require a skilled mathematician to help me create a series of lottery syndicates for use in my shop. The tickets will be accross 3 separate lotteries and be made up of various combinations depending on the amount of players involved. Budget is $150

  • Fixed Price Project
  • $30-$250
  • 4 days, 23 hours left

Assistance With Math

: Logic, Sets and Matrices, or we could refer to them as: the Algebra of Logic, the Algebra of Sets and the Algebra of Matrices Have a exam due looking for some help

Skills Required: Algorithm , Mathematics
  • Fixed Price Project
  • $30-$250
  • 4 days, 16 hours left

Statistics Homework (College Level)

These are TWO college level Statistics assignment that need to be submitted by April 20th, 2014. I am looking for someone who can; 1. Solve these assignments accurately & completely (i.e showing the steps involved in arriving at the final solution) 2...

Skills Required: Mathematics , Statistics
  • Fixed Price Project
  • $10-$50
  • 3 days, 14 hours left

Statistics And Probability Assignment

I'm looking for someone who can do my stats assignment before MAX monday noon. I'm still not sure how much I want to pay, it's only worth 5%, but make your offer :) Thanks!

Skills Required: Mathematics , Statistics
  • Fixed Price Project
  • $10-$50
  • 3 days, 1 hour left